Wednesday, March 7, 2012

March 5th, 2012

I had a phone call this week from a mom that lives in Izach's mission.  She lives in a town of about 3500.  They (her family of 7 kids and husband) are the only members.  They call it little Rome as it is full of Catholics.  It was such a wonderful phone call.  Every time she talked about Elder Jach she got teary.  He had been there for Family Home Evening and had bore his testimony.  "What an amazing and powerful testimony" she said.  What mum doesn't love to hear that.  She talked of his growth since he entered the mission field 3 months ago and of his constant smile.  Apparently it is not at all typical for them to be teaching so much.  Their family has lived there for 15 years and have never seen the missionaries so busy.  She attributed that to Elder Jach and Elder Adamson.  "They work so hard" she said.  How great that was for another mom to reach out and share her thoughts about our boy.


  1. What a wonderful thing that she called you! I get goose bumps and a lump in my throat reading this. I'm so proud of Izach and the absolutely awesome impression he's having on the people with whom he's serving. He's growing so much - it makes me cry and excited all at the same time! Thank you for sharing this.
    - Ken (Izach's dad)

  2. Very nice of her to call, that's amazing! We love reading Izach's letter. He sounds like he has been out for 18 months, so enthuasiastic, faithful & smart. Thanks for posting the letters!
    - Sheila

  3. You are welcome it was absolutely wonderful of her to call. It is one thing hearing in Izach's letters how he is doing and what he is doing, but to hear it from someone who is actually there gives a more complete picture.