Monday, March 26, 2012

March 26, 2012

I wanted to add some of my thoughts this week.  Izach didn't mention in the message he sent me for the blog that he currently has a very difficult missionary.  The kind of missionary that no one wants to be companions with and is on the verge of being sent home.  I am so impressed with Izach and how he is dealing with the situation.  He is bold in telling this missionary that we will obey the rules and we will work hard.  He is working hard, and certainly sounds like succeeding, to understand this missionaries heart.  He is focusing on finding and helping this missionary to see his strengths.   This missionary is very resistant to change telling Izach that even the army couldn't change him.  Izach responded with I am not going to change you just going to help you succeed - me and Heavenly Father.   Izach has always had such a compassionate heart, such a deep understanding of people and it is so wonderful to me to see him finding and using those strengths again. Love it!!

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  1. Kim - thank you so much for sahring that. You're absolutely right! Izach is such a wonderful, compassionate person. He knows what to say to people that will help them. Like I've always told him, "Everyone likes Izach!" Why, because he's so likeable. He knows how to relate to people. He's doing such a wonderful work, for the people he serves, his companion, Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, and himself.