Monday, March 26, 2012

March 26, 2012

As for the mission, last week was a great week we did A LOT last week!  The Fayette Elders came down for exchanges and me and Elder Beattie went to Greeley to teach the Tibbotts. The lesson went ok but we hadn't been there in a while so they had a lot of time to forgo what we had taught them.  They had a good question about baptisms for the dead they thought we were just baptizing them and taking away their agency.  I felt like we answered it really well but they wanted more so we told them we would find more answers for next time. Of coarse they said they wanted us to come back!   On Friday the zone leaders came down for a surprise exchange.  Me and Elder Roberts went out and walked around Manchester all day but before we left the house Elder Roberts asked me how many potential investigators we were going to find that day.  I kinda stopped and thought about it and said 2, I think we can find 2 P.I. today.  So we said a prayer before we left and then went on our way.   We were walking and we would see people and try and talk but most of them didn't want to talk but we were able to leave them with a card, so that was good.  Then we were walking up a road and we saw a lady walking her dog across the street so of coarse being friendly I said "nice day for a walk isn't it" she said "yes it sure is" then asked us what we were doing. =) YES!   Then we walked across the street and began to talk to her about who we were and what we were doing.  She had questions already!   We asked if we could have her info and if we could set up for a day that we could come by and teach her.  She said "well I'll be home later today how about then."  We said "awesome, we'll swing by later!"  Then we parted ways and began to walk back to the house for lunch.  We were walking past one of the bars and there were 2 guys standing out front so we said "Hi, how are you today" one of them looked at us and then went back inside.  The other turned out to be the manager of the bar and stayed out and talked with us for a while.  He said that he wasn't happy with his job and that he was going to start looking for another one.  We asked if he had ever talked to missionaries before and he said he had them knock on his door but never listened to them.  We asked if he would be interested now and he said sure, so we got his info and he said to come by during the week! =) AWESOME!!!   We went back to the house and ate lunch and then started to walk towards the ladies house that we talked to earlier.  As we were walking a girl came out of her house and we asked if we could give her a card.  She said sure and we asked if she had ever talked to missionaries before.  She said no, so we asked if she would be interested and she said yes, she had actually recently decided that she needed some change in her life and wanted to get closer with God! =) SWEET!  She said to come by during the week.  We started to walk to the ladies house again, of coarse we were filled with excitement for how the day was going.  We walked past this house with a ramp going into a pile of woodchips we laughed about that and Elder Roberts said lets go knock on the door.  We did, a lady answered and looked at us and said look fellas I really don't have time right now,  I'm getting ready for work. We asked if there was a better time to come back and she said any day before noon.  She then said I would really like it if you came back though.   We said oh don't worry we will! =)   We then walked to the ladies house taught her the restoration, invited her to baptism and to church and to read and pray about the book of Mormon.  She accepted all of them and asked if we would come back.   We said absolutely!  Sadly she wasn't at church on  Sunday but that's ok.  We will go back and talk to her this week, things come up sometimes.  AWESOME week!!!!!!! and to top it all off I got to baptize my investigator Paul on Saturday!  SOOO COOL !! Funny story about it though.  We have a little baptismal font so it was a tight squeeze but we got in there and I  said the words perfectly and pushed him under.  As I was bringing him back up I feel this jolt and heard a BANG.  I smacked his head on the hand rail as I was bringing him up! =S Ha.  It was ok though, he said it didn't hurt, just startled him.  Of coarse everyone gave me crap about it but it was ok it was pretty funny! =)   I'll never forget my first baptism that's for sure! =) haha.  Such a good week I'm looking forward to another great one here in the IDMM Manchester Branch! Remember to always look on the bright side the more you focus on the bad the more bad flows into your life! =)
Love Elder Jach.

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