Monday, September 23, 2013

September 23, 2013

As for the mission it was as great week!  We had 2 baptisms on Sunday right after church and we had a great turn out of members.  There weren't enough chairs in the relief society room! there were a bunch of youth that showed up to support Freddy who is 15 and so many people came and gave them both a hug and welcomed them.  It was such a great experience!  We had ward conference as well and the stake president gave a talk on the holy ghost.  It was a great talk helping us to remember how great that gift truly is.  Then during the 2nd hour they had a ward counsel meeting with the stake pres. The bishop invited my comp and I in for that.  It was a great meeting, also talking about the holy ghost and receiving and following revelation.   Our ward is really striving to become member missionaries.  The bishop has taken action and had a fireside with the ward counsel on missionary work.  He had us come and teach them how to role play and invite people to meet with the missionaries and to come to church.   We taught them how to talk about the gospel with their friends and helped them understand that as members you don't need to answer their questions and even if you can you shouldn't because that is not your calling.   You should always try to include the missionaries in every opportunity to answer peoples questions about the church.   Always follow the spirit as for what to say and to help them have a desire to learn.   What a blessing to have direct guidance from our Father in Heaven on everyday matters and most of all the opportunity to invite others unto Christ.
Love Elder Jach-Goates

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

September 17, 2013

It was a pretty fun week!  We had Elder Robert C Gay of the 70 come through on a mission tour.  It was so great to hear all the advice and direction he had for us.  He had volunteers go up on the stage a few times and he called me up there twice without me volunteering, Ha Ha. I would make a comment or answer a question and he would call me up and say why don't you come help these missionaries figure this out, Ha Ha.  It was a lot of fun!   Then the next day we got to hear from him again and he talked about how important our mission meetings  should be and that everything we talk about in those meetings should be of the utmost importance. Missionary work is a lot more member oriented now, they want us working with members and helping them to succeed in their calling as finders.   It was amazing to see how bold he was when talking about everything.   I'm excited to be apart of this big change that is happening in missionary work.  We have been witnessing a ton of miracles here lately.  We have had a few new investigators move in in different areas that all want to be baptized.  We have 2 baptisms scheduled for Sunday and 1 in another area on Saturday.  Then another 3 the next weekend in another area.  We have a lot of potential for October as well.  Such great work.  There always seems to be so many miracles at the end of the year.  The Lord makes up the rest after we've given all that we can.   We push ourselves to the end then when we think we have nothing left to give he gives us just enough determination to take the next step.  It's so amazing to witness the Lords hand in all things and to be a part of His kingdom.   What a blessing we have as members to participate in gathering His lost children.
Love Elder Jach-Goates

Monday, September 9, 2013

September 9, 2013

It's of coarse been a great week!  We have a few investigators that are progressing toward baptism and they came to church on Sunday so that was awesome.  We should have two baptisms next Saturday the 21st.  They are all progressing really well.  One of our investigators is very nervous about everything but is still so willing to learn and meet with us.   She has a great understanding of everything we teach and always has great questions.   She took notes during church for some questions that she had and says we can go over them this week.   There is a member family that is fellowshipping her and is doing a fantastic job.  I'm super excited to see her progress and to be able to help her feel the spirits guidance!  This gospel is amazing!
Love Elder Jach-Goates

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

September 4, 2013

I am now serving in Cedar Rapids!   This was my first zone when I came out, sadly Manchester my first area is no longer in this zone.  There were too many missionaries so they split the zone a few months ago.  My companions name is Elder Weiss he's from a small town in Nevada between St George and Vegas.  He's been out for 9 months.  He's a way cool kid and a great missionary.  I feel really old in this zone!   Luckily there is an Elder in my district that is going home in October so I don't feel as bad, but everyone else besides one other sister has been out less than 9 months.  So crazy!!!  It's great serving around so many eager missionaries though.  Keeps me working hard!   We live in a house with 2 other elders its a blast!   One of them just got done being trained by my son Elder Bagshaw and is now training a new missionary going to Brisbane Australia.  My companion was trained by my trainers trainer so in missionary terms I live with my uncle, my grandson and my great grandson, ha pretty sweet!  Love you all!
Love Elder Jach-Goates