Wednesday, June 27, 2012

June 25th, 2012

June 25, 2012
As for the mission it's been a great week!   The baptism went well.  It's so great to witness someone coming unto Christ!   She's gonna be a strong member.  Her confirmation was a little crazy though.  The guy who was supposed to confirm her was the same guy who baptized her but he showed up late to the baptism and than didn't even show up for the confirmation.  He said his car wouldn't start but he lives by a few members that easily could've given him a ride plus he didn't even let anyone know he wasn't going to be there  ugh!   But other than that it went great.  We had some great lessons with our investigators this past week found out a lot of their concerns and will hopefully be able to help them progress more fully now.  We went to teach a less active woman from brazil and her husband who's not a member ended up asking us a lot of questions and mentions that he's not ready to get baptized "yet" ha and said he would love to have us come back again and that he thinks we are great guys and loves the light in our eyes when we talk about the gospel.  He knows a lot about the bible and wanted to go to school to be a pastor but ended up going into the NFL and played for the Atlanta as QB and that slot receiver but only played for a little while.  He's a really nice guy and has some real potential.  The weather here hasn't been too hot and we've had some pretty good storms.  Last Saturday we had a really good one.  A big dark wall of clouds moved in and a down pour of rain.  We had a tornado warning and everything but luckily we live in a school so we just went home and hung out for the night.  I really want to see a tornado but apparently I'm not supposed to because the last town I was in never had tornados and apparently this one doesn't either  lame! haha but oh well.  Remember to pray often for all you need and to give thanks for all you have!
Love Elder Jach

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

June 19, 2012

It's been a pretty crazy week!  We went on exchanges in Keokuk and than had zone conference all day Friday.  So we were gone out of our area for 2 days but surprisingly we still did really well.  We got a baptismal date scheduled for Sandy she is getting baptized this Saturday the 23rd.  So excited she's still nervous and feels like its going to be a huge change in her life.  We keep having to remind her that she's already been coming to church for 3 years and keeping all the commandments and the only thing that is going to change now is that she is going to be a member of the church and she'll finally have the gift of the holy ghost!!!  Some sad news, we found out one of our investigators cant be baptized for a while.  She is married but her husband took off to Mexico and started a new family there and won't sign the divorce papers.  She is dating someone else and already has 2 kids with him but cant marry him because she cant get a divorce.  Quite frustrating if you ask me!   Either way she's interested in the gospel and wants to learn more so I'm sure once she gains a testimony that she will start working harder to get that divorce so that she can be baptized!   A few of our other investigators are slowly progressing but are definitely still progressing so that's good.  It's so exciting to see the change in peoples lives as they come unto Christ!    I'm so blessed to be able to be out here and serving the lord.  It really is such a privilege!  I love you all and happy fathers day!
Love Elder Jach

Monday, June 11, 2012

June 11, 2012

As for the Mission, things are going great!  This area is booming with growth!  We got 2 new investigators this week so that makes a total of 11.  SO cool!   5 of them will be baptized within the next 2 months and 3 of those 5 should be this month.  It's so cool to see the progression of things and the change that the gospel brings to peoples lives.  Elder  Kirton is from Draper Utah.  He's a pretty cool kid, we've been getting along great and working hard.  I'm definitely excited to go to Nauvoo!   We drove past it on the other side of the Mississippi the other day it was a pretty cool site.  I'm excited to get to go there everyday in July and to be able to help set up for the pageant.  This new area is so good and the Ward here is really nice.  It's a little different being back in a Ward instead of a Branch but I like it.  Definitely miss my families in Manchester.  One of our investigators named Sandy has been investigating for quite a while.  She's been coming to church for 3 years, haha but just recently excepted the lessons from the missionaries.   She should be getting baptized on the 23rd of this month and one of the less actives in the Ward, her sister, is a new investigator that we have been teaching and I think she will be baptized this month as well along with their friend that decided she wanted to learn too.  They have both been reading the Book of Mormon and we have an appointment to teach them this week.   We usually see them more than once a week because of the less active sister so it will be even better to get over there now!   Well that's most of what's going on here in Burlington.   I'm loving it and am so excited to serve! Mosiah 12:27  I'm gonna be ripped! haha ;)
Love  Elder Jach

Monday, June 4, 2012

June 4, 2012

May 21, 2012
It's crazy that another transfer has already come and gone.  I've been in Manchester for 5 months now and it really does feel like home I don't want to leave!   The people here are awesome!   The work has been kind of slow, we have still been doing a lot of service so we haven't had the chance to teach a lot of lessons which stinks cause that's what missionaries do is teach!  But I definitely love doing service.  We've been so busy going from place to place and doing service  I always feel like we're forgetting people  =S I hope not!  Brian is still doing great he's scheduled to be baptized on the 9th of June.  He's still coming to church every week and loves the lessons.  He's worried about his wife not coming around but we talked to him about leading by example and that she will start to notice the good changes in his life.  He has brought his girls to church twice and they love going.  That will of coarse help with his wife as well.  Well I guess he's our only really progressing investigator at the moment at least the only one I have anything to report on.  But the work is still going great and the people are still awesome!  Being a missionary is definitely a great experience!
Love Elder Jach

May 28, 2012
It's been a pretty crazy week.  Transfers are this week and I'm leaving! =(   Found out Saturday and EVERYONE wants to feed me one last time! haha   We have 2 meals everyday and 2 dinners tonight! haha   The members here are the best!   They all made me promise to come back and visit.   One member Brother Griffeth the 1st counselor asked me to come up and bare my testimony.  He said in front of the whole congregation "you better come back here you might even come live here you know  I  still have a daughter who's not married and I would just love to have you as a son-in-law! you are a great missionary!" haha  Best part about it is his daughter is cute! hahaha   Then the branch president stood up and said not until after your mission! haha so funny!   I'm excited to see the rest of the mission and excited to get a new companion  ha! Things are still moving forward here in Manchester and President said an awesome missionary is coming in to replace me so hopefully he'll be able to keep Elder Wally in line and keep expanding this area! 
Love Elder Jach 

June 4, 2012
I am in Burlington Iowa.  It's in the Nauvoo zone so that means I get to help with the pageant! Apparently for the whole month of July I will by driving to Nauvoo and back everyday to help set up for the pageant.  We usually won't get back till 6 or 7 so that pretty much takes up our entire day.  I'm really excited to help but kinda worried about not being able to do a whole lot of missionary work especially since we have some progressing people here. But I'm sure it will be a blast and time will fly because we will be so busy.  My new area is right on the Mississippi so I got to see it for the first time.   That was pretty cool it’s a lot bigger than I imagined and looks more like a lake than a river, haha.  My new companion is Elder Kirton he just got done being trained so I'm the senior comp.  He's a cool kid and we have been getting along great so far which is a huge relief, haha.  I needed a good companion at least for a little while!  One cool thing about living in Burlington is we live in an old school.  Some members bought it and live on the 2nd floor and we live on the first.  It's really cool!   We have a lot of room to do stuff.  We have a gym that we can play ball in and there's a small weight room so I get to start working out better  =)   Time to start droppin those pounds!   This area is really promising and the members here already seem really nice.  One funny thing is that Elder Wally just got done serving here so all the members know him.   Sadly most the members don't like him! =P   I'm really excited to be able to serve the Lord at this time and in this area.  This work is so important and I'm so privileged to get the opportunity to participate in it.  I love you all and miss you a ton!
Love Elder Jach