Wednesday, June 27, 2012

June 25th, 2012

June 25, 2012
As for the mission it's been a great week!   The baptism went well.  It's so great to witness someone coming unto Christ!   She's gonna be a strong member.  Her confirmation was a little crazy though.  The guy who was supposed to confirm her was the same guy who baptized her but he showed up late to the baptism and than didn't even show up for the confirmation.  He said his car wouldn't start but he lives by a few members that easily could've given him a ride plus he didn't even let anyone know he wasn't going to be there  ugh!   But other than that it went great.  We had some great lessons with our investigators this past week found out a lot of their concerns and will hopefully be able to help them progress more fully now.  We went to teach a less active woman from brazil and her husband who's not a member ended up asking us a lot of questions and mentions that he's not ready to get baptized "yet" ha and said he would love to have us come back again and that he thinks we are great guys and loves the light in our eyes when we talk about the gospel.  He knows a lot about the bible and wanted to go to school to be a pastor but ended up going into the NFL and played for the Atlanta as QB and that slot receiver but only played for a little while.  He's a really nice guy and has some real potential.  The weather here hasn't been too hot and we've had some pretty good storms.  Last Saturday we had a really good one.  A big dark wall of clouds moved in and a down pour of rain.  We had a tornado warning and everything but luckily we live in a school so we just went home and hung out for the night.  I really want to see a tornado but apparently I'm not supposed to because the last town I was in never had tornados and apparently this one doesn't either  lame! haha but oh well.  Remember to pray often for all you need and to give thanks for all you have!
Love Elder Jach

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