Tuesday, June 19, 2012

June 19, 2012

It's been a pretty crazy week!  We went on exchanges in Keokuk and than had zone conference all day Friday.  So we were gone out of our area for 2 days but surprisingly we still did really well.  We got a baptismal date scheduled for Sandy she is getting baptized this Saturday the 23rd.  So excited she's still nervous and feels like its going to be a huge change in her life.  We keep having to remind her that she's already been coming to church for 3 years and keeping all the commandments and the only thing that is going to change now is that she is going to be a member of the church and she'll finally have the gift of the holy ghost!!!  Some sad news, we found out one of our investigators cant be baptized for a while.  She is married but her husband took off to Mexico and started a new family there and won't sign the divorce papers.  She is dating someone else and already has 2 kids with him but cant marry him because she cant get a divorce.  Quite frustrating if you ask me!   Either way she's interested in the gospel and wants to learn more so I'm sure once she gains a testimony that she will start working harder to get that divorce so that she can be baptized!   A few of our other investigators are slowly progressing but are definitely still progressing so that's good.  It's so exciting to see the change in peoples lives as they come unto Christ!    I'm so blessed to be able to be out here and serving the lord.  It really is such a privilege!  I love you all and happy fathers day!
Love Elder Jach

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