Monday, March 12, 2012

March 12, 2012

This week we had transfers on Thursday Elder Adamson went to Story City just north of Ames and I got a new comp named Elder Wally like the movie.   He has been in the army special forces for the past 3 years and has another 3 years when he gets back.   He's a pretty cool guy really head strong and opinionated but nothing I can't work around.   He seems to really like   me and keeps saying we're going to get along great,  I can already tell, haha.   There's a few things I need to make sure he doesn't do.  He says he offends people a lot because of his humor and sarcasm and he thinks he's always right, but don't worry I can fix all that! haha ;) He's a good missionary though.  He knows the gospel pretty well and he knows a lot about other religions and about the apostasy which is good for this area.   He said he's been in trouble with President Jergensen a few times already and cant seem to stay out of trouble.  I told him he won't have to worry about that anymore cause I don't get in trouble cause I obey the rules, ha, don't know if he liked that too much but oh well.  The mission is still going good though I still have a few tough days especially after transfers but no worries just keep pushing forward.   We have two new investigators that we taught for the first time on Friday. Ones name is Chad and the other is Audrey.  They both live in town so we can see them pretty much anytime no problem so that's good.   They both really liked the restoration and want us to come back.  Chad was raised catholic and he's what the catholic's call a "digger" which means he asks a lot of questions and wants to get answers.  Which is great cause we have most of  the answers.   Audrey is an older lady and has been in a few different religions because she doesn't agree with a few things.  She was really into the lesson and had a bunch of questions.  We were there for and hour and a half and she wanted us to stay ,longer and keep talking, but we had other appointments we had to go to.  She said well give me a call and we'll set up another time for you to come over, ha, so that was great!   Paul is still doing good he gets kinda discouraged if we don't teach him something new.  So we're doing our best to always teach him new things.  His cousin Heather the JW said she would come to church with us and invited us to come to her big sacrament thing where they pass around the bread and wine but only 144,000 can eat and drink it.   So we're gonna go to that with her, should be pretty fun.  Haven't been able to go to the Tibbots lately but we're going to try this week if we have time.   We have zone conference on Friday and stake conference this weekend.   I love being busy!!! =)    Everyone literally has the ability to move mountains, all you need is faith!
Love Elder Jach

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