Monday, March 19, 2012

March 19, 2012

I definitely hope that you are right and it is Pres Jergensen trusting me and not just throwing this kid on whoever will take him... Ha.   No I know that Elder Wally is here to teach me and to learn from me.  I guess he has a pretty bad reputation with other missionaries as well.  I talked to my zone leaders and they said they were pretty worried when they heard he was my new comp, but I've talked with him a lot and gotten some things straightened out.  I know he will get better because he has already started to.  Last week was pretty tough.  I got sick and we had to stay in all day so I could sleep.  I'm doing better now.  We had zone conference.  That was pretty fun.  Got to see Elder Meservy and Winchester "my MTC comps" .  Winchester is training and Meservy is still in my same zone. I see him regularly so that's always fun!   We had stake conference yesterday and Paul drove us down everyone was coming up to him talking about his baptism and I got kinda worried, but the more people that asked about it the more excited he seemed to get! =)   I'm SO excited to see him get baptized on Saturday.  We're setting it all up and it’s a lot of fun!  A lot of nonmembers are going to be there as well and I hope it will open some new teaching doors for us and get the members excited about missionary work.  Our other investigators we weren't able to see last week because we were so busy and I was sick.  We had an appointment with Chad but he ended up not being home but that has happened in the past and he was really apologetic about it.  He said sometimes he gets called into work and that he is not just blowing us off, so that's good.   I feel like he has some real potential.  We haven't been able to meet with Audrey,  but she was excited for another lesson so we're going to try and set one up for this week.  The Smiths are still really busy with their kids and work, but still want us to have a lesson with them.  So we're doing our best to set one up.  They said to keep trying so we will.  We haven't been able to see the Tibbots for a while, but I'm gonna try and see them this week.  We have exchanges and I'm gonna try and get out there then ;)   Well the mission brings out the best and the worst in me I've been really depressed this past week.   Between being sick and getting a new comp, ha not a good combination of situations.  But that is ok its turning around and I'm starting to feel happy again! =)  Keep pushing forward whenever you're on the right path more things will get put in your way to stop you from progressing just remember that is Satans way of getting you to miss all the good things that are happening all around you!
Love Elder Jach

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