Monday, February 27, 2012

February 27th, 2012

Still working really hard and doing our best to stay busy.   Paul got moved out and is living with his cousins in Earlville (where the Smiths and Luis live).  Heater his cousin is a Jehovahs Witness and her husband  Jason is currently looking for a church and thinks he found the truth in the Baptist church  =).  We helped Paul move in and they said that they really appreciated it and that we could teach Paul there anytime we needed.  So we did and invited them to sit with us during the lesson.  Little did they know we planned the whole lesson for them and taught them all about the restoration and challenged them to baptism and reading and praying about the book of Mormon they said if they knew the book was true that they would be baptized.   So that was great!   Oh and we set a baptismal date for Paul on the 24th of March and he agreed.  He is still working on receiving an answer for the BoM he said he feels like he has had a few small conformations but still isn't sure if they were answers or not so he is still trying.  He is more and more excited about it every time we see him so that's great.   We currently have a lesson set up again with the Smith family on Wednesday at 6pm.  So that will be great as well.  We had a high council man come to church on Sunday and he said that there is a family in the area that is ready to come into the church... so maybe it's them or maybe it's Pauls cousins or maybe its someone else.  We had a lesson with a man named Richard in Independence he is a really nice older man he was a history teacher but had a stroke and his memory went bad.  So he can't teach anymore but he has had missionaries in the past but we're not sure what he's been taught or if he will be able to progress because of his stroke but he is a great guy and wants to have more lessons.  We will teach him as long as he wants us to.   As for Luis he was at home when we went over and the front door was open when we knocked.  We could here them inside but no one came to the door and it was closed when we got to the truck so we're not sure what to do about that.  We might try a few more times but doesn't seem like its going to go anywhere yet.   We haven't been able to see Faith in the past few weeks she has been sick and at her dads and her moms been working so we haven't been able to set up a lesson for a while.  The Tibbotts are still doing good we've had a few more lessons with them and are going over twice a week now.  They said they love having us over and love our discussions but Mrs Tibbott doesn't feel like there is one true church or that she even needs to go to church.   She thinks as long as she is trying to follow Jesus Christ that that is all that matters.  We've been encouraging her to read and pray about the BoM and know that once she does that she will know that she needs to come to church.  Things are moving slowly with them but at 78 and 81 they don't really want to change at all.   We know that as long as we keep working with them that maybe one day they will know that its true and have a desire to change.  I'm still loving my mission and serving others I pray for everyone back home and know that the Lord will bless each and everyone of you if you will but humble yourselves and ask him. =)
Love Elder Jach

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