Tuesday, April 2, 2013

March 31 2013

It was a pretty slow week!   We were in Marshalltown Wednesday and Thursday on exchanges and then Friday and Saturday all of our appointments fell through.  Frustrating, but humbling at the same time.  Just means we have to work even harder this week to get things rolling again.  Elizabeth cancelled on us and won't text back.  Austin wasn't able to meet with us and the referrals we got both weren't home.  Ha Ha, nothing seemed to go our way last week. Funny experience we went to a lecture at ISU there was a catholic lady that was giving a lecture on Mormonism and the gold plates,  Ha Ha so we went with the institute instructor who is also a bishop to check it out and see if people needed any questions answered.  Turns out it was completely boring.  She didn't say anything false, just went off of "What if Joseph Smith was Delirious" pretty lame!   There was a lot of people there but had to be for a U.S. history class.  We left some BoMs and mormon.org cards so hopefully we'll see some come of those.  When the going gets tough ask for help! ha!
Love Elder Jach-Goates

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