Monday, April 22, 2013

April 22 2013

Things are getting crazy here,  transfers are this week and it turns out I'm getting transferred. It was expected but not in the way I was expecting it.   I'm going into a tri-companionship and I'm suppose to supervise a missionary who has only been out for a few months and is going to be training a visa waiter.  So pretty much I'm a trainers trainer! ha it sounds like it will be a pretty good gig.  I'll pretty much just get to sit back and let them do everything, ha ha ha. So we'll see what happens.  It's been so great to be able to serve here in Ames and get to know some awesome people.   I'll for sure miss them!   So Austin wasn't able to muster up the courage to talk to his mom about wanting to get baptized and decided that this just wasn't the time for him to do it so he doesn't want to meet with the missionaries anymore.  Luckily we have created a good relationship and he wants to say bye before I leave so  I'll get one last chance to talk with him about it all and see if I can help him understand why he should keep meeting with the missionaries.  The area is picking up we went to a members for dinner last night who invited a non-member friend over that we got to teach and we are doing the same thing tomorrow night and there are a few more families in the ward who say they have friends that they want to introduce to us to hopefully this new missionary that comes in will be a good one that can help these great members out.  Oh how I love this work!
Love Elder Jach-Goates

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