Monday, April 29, 2013

April 29, 2013

I have been transferred!   I'm now serving in the West Des Moines ward on the east side.  We have the smallest area in the mission.  I'm in a tri-companionship with a trainer and visa waiter who is waiting to serve in the Sao Paulo Brazil mission.  They are both great missionaries and we all get along really well.  The mission home is within my area so we see President Jergensen driving around occasionally, (which is really weird, but cool.)  We have 2 baptismal dates right now a mother and her daughter.  We had a great experience on Sunday.  A guy showed up at church who had been going to church with his girlfriend in Panama and wants to meet with us and get baptized.  Super sweet!   I don't feel like I'll be in the area for very long because of what president said to me at transfer meeting but I guess we'll see what happens.  It's so great to be in a new area and with new companions. I miss Elder Claridge but I'm sure he's doing just fine.  This Saturday we get a super special mission wide conference.  Elder Anderson from the 12 is coming to talk with us along with a member of the presidency of the 70 and our area 70.  It's going to be an AWESOME meeting!   I'm SO excited to be able to meet an apostle and hear him speak directly to my mission.  The blessings are rolling in, now to take advantage of them and get the work to explode.
Love Elder Jach-Goates

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