Wednesday, June 26, 2013

June 24, 2013

It was an astounding week!  We picked up 3 new investigators on of which is from Rwanda Africa and is here on a soccer scholarship.  He's a super cool kid and came to church with us on Sunday.  We play soccer with him most Mondays so that's how we found him and he's super excited to learn.  The work here is moving so fast and we are seeing such great success. We went on exchanges in Osceola last week and I went out to a town called Lamoni where a lot of RLDS people live and they have a college called Graceland that use to be owned by the RLDS church.  They are generally nice people just a little confused about a few things,  Ha Ha! If you get some spare time I would love to hear from some of you, I miss you all, and am so thankful for all your support.
Love Elder Jach-Goates

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