Tuesday, July 2, 2013

July, 2, 2013

It was a pretty rough week!  The work went great we found 6 new investigators and got 12 referrals, so that was awesome, but it was a pretty stress filled week.  We got a new mission president on Saturday and that night an elder in this zone got in a car accident.  He was hit by a dodge truck going 60 mph, was life flighted to Des Moines and is in critical condition in the hospital.  He only has a few broken ribs and some big cuts on his head but he hit his head pretty hard and isn't functioning fully yet.   He responds and is excelling rapidly but there is some possible brain damage.  He gets better everyday and we were able to go and see him yesterday as he opened his eye (one is too swollen to open still) for the first time and was looking at us.  He still doesn't talk but can give you a thumbs up and nod his head.  He is doing good though.  Yesterday we had zone conference and got to meet President Jensen for the first time so that was fun!  He's definitely different than Pres Jergensen.  A lot more soft spoken and unsure about what he's doing but he still carries the spirit with him and I'm sure will be a great leader.  Not sure if everyone was able to watch the new mission presidents broadcast seminar but its online and was filled with some cool things that are happening. Check it out!   I was able to talk to President Jensen on the phone last week before he got here and he told us a lot of things that might be changing soon.  We will get I-pads in the near future to help us with teaching and keeping track of everything in the area.  That will be a great tool to be able to show people different videos of General Authorities and Mormon messages as well as talks from conferences and ensigns.  The work is changing and we need more and more help from the members.  This is a GREAT work and an amazing time to be a part of it.
Love Elder Jach-Goates

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