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January 30th, 2011

January 25th, 2011
The weeks been pretty good we have still been working really hard and doing our best to find new people to teach.  We had another snow storm and the car got grounded again but it wasn't too bad.  We still kept busy.  We have about a foot and a half of snow on the ground right now but a lot of it gets blown around so its hard to tell how much there really is.   We went to a small town called Earlville last week and I think I mentioned finding a guy named Luis.  Well we had an appointment with him on Friday but couldn't get out because of the storm so we went on Saturday and he wasn't home so we went again on Monday.  He was as really excited to see us and said he had been waiting for us on Friday we apologized and told him the storm kept us from coming out. He understood and we asked if we could teach him. He said he had to go to work but that we could come back on Saturday.  That will be great, he seems to be really interested and wants to learn more so.  We went tracting in Earlville again and found the Smith family and they said they were catholic and were really busy with the kids sports.  I told them about how the church has been restored through a prophet named Joseph "Smith" haha I thought I was pretty smooth with that one.  He said we could stop by Saturday and if they were home we could teach them so hopefully they will be.

 My comp is ok most the time but he is started to bug me and likes to argue and thinks he's always right but its ok only 6 more weeks than I'll have someone new.

That is great that you are so far ahead on the book of Mormon keep up the pace than you can read it twice this year.   Tell the girls I miss them and love them.   Some days are kinda hard and I don't really want to be out here but I know that its where I need to be and that it will get better with time.
love you Mommy
Elder Jach

January 30th, 2011
Hey Mommy!
Thanks for Lynne's and Hanna's emails.   Sounds like the girls are doing great which is always good.  Did you teach Gospel Doctrine or talk in Sacrament? 

That story about that lady is pretty crazy its so hard sometimes for people to decipher between the Spirit and Satan he disguises himself as good to make us do evil.  It happened to me all the time and still continues to happen to me. You just have to figure it out, think it over in your head, if this is a good thing or a bad thing and than of course ask our Heavenly Father what is right.   Well I miss you and love you and hope all is well.

As for the mission it's still going really well we're still working our butts off and doing everything we can to find new people to teach.   As for Luis, we had an appointment with him on Saturday but then he wasn't home.  I don't think he did it on purpose, he probably just forgot.  He always seems really excited when he sees us so i think he is interested.   Elder Adamson got really down and mad that he wasn't there and pretty much pouted for the rest of the day haha.  It was hard though cause it really took away from the spirit and the rest of the day didn't go very well because of it.  Paul is still doing great he is asking more questions and becoming more involved with the lessons and they are working hard on getting married. I heard at church yesterday that Paul might be moving out so that he can get baptized but I'm not for sure on that yet.  That would be great if he is then we could have our first baptism in Manchester in over a year.  Faith is still the same her dad doesn't want her to get baptized till she is 12.  Her mom is still talking to her about it and says she is going to have a talk with her Dad but we don't know when that's going to happen.   None of our investigators came to Church yesterday, pretty upset about that. Paul said he was going to be there and he wasn't he hasn't been in a couple weeks and neither has Faith.  All in all the Mission is still going good we had our first transfer on Thursday but nothing changed for me.   There is a new Elder in the District named Elder Beattie he is from Bountiful.  He seems like a pretty cool kid. I'm loving being out here even though its hard at times I feel the Love of my Heavenly Father every single day and its amazing!   I've already learnt so much but still have SO much to learn I'm doing my best to study hard and stay busy and the days are just flying by.   I don't get many letters which is pretty lame but oh well its nice to have emails to look forward to.
Stay strong and keep the faith!
Love Elder Jach

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