Monday, January 16, 2012

January 16th, 2012

Hey mom,
The work out here is going great.  We still don't have many people to teach but we are still working hard and doing what the Lord wants us to do.  We had our first snow storm last Thursday and Friday.  We got almost a foot of snow and our car was grounded on Thursday. We had to walk for most of the day through the snow, haha.  It wasn't bad, it was actually kinda fun!    The only bad part about here is the wind and the humidity.  It seriously feels like you got your face wet before you walked outside, haha.  We went to a small neighboring town called Earlville on Friday and went tracting.  We found a Hispanic man that was interested and spoke good English.  He said we could come back on Friday and teach him.  So that is pretty much awesome!   Not much happened this last week other than that so its kind of a short email.  I'm glad Tessi got to come down and go to the game and stuff with you.  Haha and make sure Walkers girl doesn't wait for me cause if she does Walker doesn't stand a chance haha just kidding... but seriously!   I'm sorry about the pictures I keep running out of time with emails so I don't have time to download any.  I will do it first thing next week.
Well I gotta run, I love you and pray for you!
Love Elder Jach.

(So the Walker story is this. … Walker is Jordan's brother.  We spent Saturday evening with the whole Wood family and Walker's new girlfriend.  I just loved her, so jokingly …. It really was a joke Walker :)…. told her I had a cute son so if things didn't work out with Walker I could introduce her to him when he comes home.   I told Izach because I knew he too would appreciate his mother's humor)   Gosh though poor Walker he is gonna really hate me now.  As if making his brother marry my daughter before poor Walker got home from his mission wasn't enough.  Truly sorry Walker. :(

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