Monday, February 11, 2013

February 4, 2013

As for the mission it has been a pretty crazy week!   A lot of things have happened!  My companion has been going through a really tough time and has decided to return home.  This past week has been super slow because of it, but with my new companion coming in on Thursday the area should explode!   There is a lot of potential here all I need is someone that will work with me and help bring the Spirit in to direct every lesson.  Alyssa is still doing well the zone leaders have been meeting with her on my request and we will start back up with her come this weekend.  We received a member referral a few weeks ago from the Greene family (I was in the same room in the MTC as their son, small world). Austin their friend is doing great.  We had a lesson with him 2 weeks ago and he took notes during the lesson and even quoted BoM scriptures! Ha ha he is an awesome kid and is super prepared.  His only hold up was telling his parents that he wanted to take the lessons so he finally mustered up the courage to talk with them and they have agreed to let him so we get to meet with him on Friday.  He has had questions for a while and has asked the Greene family or looked up the answers on  We set a date with him for baptism on our first lesson, March 16th and will work for that sadly I'll probably be gone for that but will get to see him grow for the entire time! =)  Such a great work this is!  How blessed I am to have to opportunity of being an instrument in the hands of the Lord.
Love Elder Jach-Goates

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