Monday, November 26, 2012

November 26, 2012

As for the mission it was a pretty crazy week filled with not many appointment because of Thanksgiving.  It was definitely a good week though!   Monday we had Elder Don R Clarke of the 70 come and talk to us for the day that was awe inspiring and very motivating!   Elder and Sister Clarke sat at our table for lunch and talked with us.   Sister Clarke talked to me a lot about school and asked where I wanted to go. I mentioned that BYU was always my childhood dream!   She than proceeded to tell me that I need to start taking the ACT and get a good score on it and start filling our an application.  Then she talked to Sister Jergensen about it and told her to help me with whatever I needed! Ha ha what a nice lady! =)  Looks like my charm comes in handy! Ha ha ha! ;)!   We were able to meet with the ref from Iowa games sadly he is very argumentative and all he did was try and tell us how we are wrong and that we are a pagan religion because we celebrate Christmas! Apparently because of a scripture talking about worshiping idols in Jeremiah 10.  I think verses 1-5 ha ha but he said he wanted to meet again and that he would actually let us talk this time so that is good! =) We went to a members house for thanksgiving and had a great time!   A really awesome young family. The husband has served in the army for a while so we talked a lot about that and it really got me thinking about joining again!  So we'll see if that's still what I want when I get home! =)
Love Elder Jach Goates.

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