Tuesday, November 20, 2012

November 20, 2012

As for the mission things are going relatively well.   My new area is Ames.  It's a college town with Iowa state right in the middle of it.  Sadly I'm a Hawkeyes fan,  Ha ha.  Fun for me to rub it in people faces! =)   My new comp is Elder Swindler.   He actually grew up in Cedar Falls Iowa then moved to Provo when he was 14.  Ha pretty funny!  He is an interesting kid... =) but I'm sure we will get along just fine.  We had the Iowa games on Saturday, which is like a little kid olympics.  The missionaries get to help out with it.  We were there all day Saturday doing scoreboards for basketball.  It was really fun and we actually got a potential out of it.  One of the refs gave us his number and took ours and has already called us.  Pretty exciting! Yesterday we had Elder Don R Clarke of the 70 come on a mission tour and talked to us all day!  It was a very inspiring devotional!   Hopefully motivated a lot of the other missionaries like it did me!   We have a few pretty good investigators, but I haven't been able to meet any of them yet because we have been so busy.  This ward is full of a lot more younger people because of the college which is really fun.  I like the ward already.  I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and can remember all that they are thankful for!
Love Elder Jach-Goates

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