Monday, August 27, 2012

August 27, 2012

As for the mission, definitely a crazy week!  With transfers and being a new trainer. My new comps name is Elder Bagshaw he's from Centerville Utah.  He's a cool kid, we get along great already.  He's pretty quiet but opens up once you start to talk to him.  Life is so much more busy than it was.  Two hours of study on top of making sure I'm prepared for district meeting and that everyone in the district knows their responsibilities.  Saturday was my first district meeting, ha of coarse it didn't go perfect but we for sure had a lot of fun in the process.  It was a get to know you district meeting to help everyone of coarse get to know each other.  It was fun!  My new zone leader is Elder Winchester my other comp from the MTC, haha!  It was really cool to be able to see him and spend time with him again.  Makes me feel like we're back in the MTC.  We also recently got 2 new investigators, Kennabell and Bill a couple with a few younger kids.  We went over and taught then about the Book of Mormon.   Funny story when me and Elder Kirton first went to try and set up an appointment Bill answered the door and said OH NO only the King James Bible comes in this house none of that new Mormon Bible stuff!   Apparently his wife was the one that received the Book of Mormon from the Nauvoo sisters.  She came out and as she did Bill yelled from the other room devil worshippers! haha =)   We sat on the deck and started to talk to her about what the Book of Mormon was and told her that it wasn't an interpretation of the Bible but was another witness to strengthen peoples faith in Jesus Christ.   At that point Bill came out and said well now I want to hear about this!   Apparently he was listening through the window! =)   So we proceeded to tell them both about the Book of Mormon and set up another time to come back.  Me and Elder Bagshaw went over on Saturday planning to teach the restoration but ended up answering a bunch more questions about the Book of Mormon.  Bill really wanted to hear a story out of the BoM so of coarse I told him the story of Ammon, =) and asked him what he thought.  He said that's a great story.  I asked what he got out of it and he said well the Lord was able to give him strength to defeat those guys and I said exactly, the Lord is able to help us in all things.  At that point they were so excited about the BoM they just wanted us to leave so they could sit and read it!   It was an awesome lesson, and we're excited to see them again this week.
Love Elder  Jach-Goates

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