Monday, August 20, 2012

August 20th, 2012

It's been quite an eventful week!  Last week I mentioned we dropped a lot of our investigators but that I'm sure it was going to work out.  Well turns out it did, ha.   We have 7 new investigators all of which want to make it to church but haven't been able to yet.  We have more potentials and more people to try and contact now as well so things are definitely looking up!   We still haven't been able to contact jerry (our investigator that had a baptismal date) and now with school started it will be a little harder but we'll keep tryin!   We got transfer calls on Saturday and Elder Kirton is leaving and is going to be a district leader somewhere.  That's exciting for him!   We were on exchanges when we got the calls so it was a little different.  I was down in Nauvoo at a baptism of the zone leaders with our district leader.   President Jergensen called so that usually means a leadership position and he was talking to Elder Holmes (the district leader) and told him that he was being transferred and going to be a zone leader and that his companion was going to be training.  So that's way cool! Then he asked if he could talk to me... im thinkin oh great now what, ha ha.  I answer the phone "yes president?" he says "how are you doing" I said "well pretty good" he said "I want to hear a wonderful out of you!" i laughed and said "well I was doing wonderful" he laughed and said "well I have 2 favors to ask you..." I kinda sat there and said "...2... favors?" he said "yes the first one is the Lord would like you to be a new trainer  will you accept that call?" I said "well  I guess I can do that."  He said "great! the second is the Lord wants you to be the new district leader as well, this is a lot of responsibility but I know and the Lord knows as well that you are ready for this!" ha I kinda chuckled and said "well I'll put my trust in the Lord and in you and see what happens! Ha ha.  So I guess I'm a new trainer and a district leader.  I'm definitely overwhelmed but I hope I will be able to handle it.  Lets just say I hope my greeny is ready for a treat cause everyone knows I like to have fun! =) ha.  Wish me luck and you might wanna keep my new comp in your prayers! Ha ha
Love  Elder Jach-Goates

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