Tuesday, December 20, 2011

December 19, 2011

I finally made it out here.  The mission field has been great so far.  I'm in a little town called Manchester there is about 7000 people here but we only have a small branch of about 70. I plan on making it a ward by the time  I leave this area by reactivating inactives and by finding new investigators.  We only have one investigator right now, a little girl who's parents were inactive and divorced. We've been working with her a lot making sure she's ready to be baptized. The only thing that's holding her back right now is her dad he's not sure if she wants to or if it's just her mom pushing her to do it. Her mom is coming back to church and seems to be doing really well, so hopefully it will get better with time. My companions name is Elder Adamson he's a great guy. He is from Idaho and loves the outdoors. The members of the branch are great. They take really good care of us and make dinner for us most nights so that is always good. We have a lot of families that want us to come over for Christmas I'm not sure if we will make it to all of them but we're gonna try!  So funny story, the first day I got to my new area we went tracting for a little while. The very first door we knocked on an old guy came to the window wrapped in a blanket. He sat and stared at us for about two minutes. He then looked at our name tags and locked his door and turned and walked away. Hahaha I thought it was so funny!!!  Especially since it was my very first door.  Ha it still makes me laugh!  We've gone tracting a few times and most of the time we get the door slammed in our face before we can even say what we are doing. Sometimes people will take the time to hear what we have to say before they tell us that they already have a faith and they're sticking to it.   We try to explain that we just want to share a message about Jesus Christ but they don't care. It's frustrating at times but its ok cause those few people we do find that seem a little interested make it all worth while.

Everything is going pretty good out here it was tough the first few days but I'm doing a lot better now than I was. I'm more home sick out here than I was in the mtc.  Ironically we were just at an inactive members house talking about birds and how they will sit on shoulders because she has a few birds.  Ha so that's funny that you got one. I'm glad you are doing ok I'm  keeping you in my prayers.

Just so you (reader of this blog) aren't confused.  When I (Kim) wrote to Izach I told him that we got a parakeet on the day he left and that Bailee has been training it to sit on her shoulder.

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