Monday, August 19, 2013

August 12, 2013

We have had a pretty busy week.  We had a meeting an hour and 20 minutes away in Iowa City on Tuesday than a meeting 1 hour and 15 away in Osceola on Thursday than another meeting 1 hour 15 away in Des Moines on Sunday, ha ha it was a travel filled week.  We had a zone training meeting on Thursday in Osceola and it was awesome!  Such a spirit filled meeting.   The trainings were on sanctification and on helping our investigators feel and recognize the Holy Ghost.  It was related to describing and elephant to someone who has never seen one.  We decided we would just take them to Africa to see one so during the week we have received word that everyone has been taking their investigators to "Africa!" ha ha it was awesome!   We also had an amazing opportunity to teach a non-member family in a members home.  They invited them over for dinner along with us and we had a lesson on the BoM and they were reading out of it and asking questions.  It was SO cool!  They will most likely be a slower process but are such nice people that we are excited to work with them. That same member family has been trying to share the gospel with SO many different people all the time it has been great.  You will now start to see missionaries in light colored suits and without back backs.  The 1st presidency has decided that we look to much like the feds and not very approachable.  No more backpacks because we look like we are going hiking in the mountains.  We are now to use side bags or to carry our things in our hands! =) pretty crazy! This work is changing, change is part of this life.  The appearance on the church might change to remain involved in this ever changing world but one thing is for certain the Gospel standards will forever be the same.
Love Elder Jach-Goates

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