Monday, September 24, 2012

September 24, 2012

Things are really picking up!   Last week we found 2 new investigators.  Lexie is 11 and was a referral from a family in the ward.  We have taught her 4 lessons already and invited her to be baptized, she accepted!   Her parents are willing to let her learn and want us to start having some of the lessons at their house.  We have been having her lessons at the members house for convenience.  Her parents are Christian and don't have a particular church right now so its quite possible that we will start teaching them as well.  That would be even better especially for  Lexie so she has her family in the church and not just friends.  Our other investigator is a funny story!   We were walking to the members house to give Lexie a lesson and we walked passed a lady mowing her lawn, we waved and said hi and kept walking.  We got a ways down the road when a car stopped in the middle of the road and said "hey that lady is chasing you!" ha-ha .  We turned around to see the lady that was mowing her lawn running down the street after us.  So we turned and started walking back toward her.   She had been yelling "MORMONS!" down the road but we couldn't hear her because it was windy.  We got to her and she started telling us how she had Mormons like us over for thanksgiving dinner last year. We asked if she had been taking the lessons to which she replied that they hadn't even talked about the church they just didn't have anywhere to go for thanksgiving.  She then asked if we had some time we could talk.  Of coarse we said yes!   We then taught her the restoration and invited her to read and pray and she was so excited and told us she knew that the spirit had guided us to her that day and that she was so excited to learn more.  It was such an amazing experience especially because when we had started walking to the lesson with Lexie I said a silent prayer asking Heavenly Father if he would guide us to someone willing to listen. We ended up walking a completely different way to the members house than I had ever walked before and because we did we were able to walk past Tamara! I am so blessed to have this opportunity to be able to have the spirit with me and be able to see the light and excitement come into peoples lives as they find out about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.  I encourage all of you to look for people you know that may be in search of something more in their lives and as a representative of our Savior I can promise you that you will be lead to those people just as me and my companion were lead to Tamara.
Love Elder Jach-Goates

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