Tuesday, July 17, 2012

July 16, 2012

Things are going good Nauvoo was awesome!   It's so fun to see all the people there and to talk with people who actually know who we are and what we're doing  Ha ha!  There were a lot of non members there as well which was great.  I actually got 2 people to sign up for the missionaries to come to their houses.  I've been making a lot of friends too.  I've met the guy who plays Joseph Smith and his wife and they both know me by name now and say hi every time they see me.  I've met a lot of the other actors and people as well and they are all so willing to help with whatever we need its great.  One cool thing I didn't realize is that all the actors for the pageant have been set apart to be missionaries for these 2 months.  That's pretty cool!   On a less positive note we had a less active sister and her investigating sister storm out of church on Sunday because the people passing the sacrament didn't offer them any.  They were pretty upset especially the less active sister.  So we might of lost our investigator, which would stink because she was doing really well.  I'm sure everything will work out the way its suppose to as long as we follow the Spirit and do what our Heavenly Father would have us do.  Thanks everyone for your love and support I love you all.
Love Elder Jach

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